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Anti-Poverty Project in Ji’an Jiangxi
Ji'an county in Jiangxi province is a beautiful but underdeveloped county. PICC provides long-term special support for Ji’an courty,.
Ji'an County, is located in the central part of Jiangxi, the middle reaches of the Ganjiang River, and the frontier of Jinggangshan. County area of 2117 square kilometers, 12 towns, 7 townships, 306 village committees, 22 neighborhood committees, and the total population is about 500 thousand.
In 2002, the first round of poverty alleviation work was carried out in the first round of poverty alleviation work in Ji'an County, Jiangxi, which has been one of the targets for the poverty alleviation of the company.
With the help of PICC, Ji'an's grape growing industry has achieved great development. The area of grape cultivation in Ji'an amounted to 15 thousand mu, and the total income of farmers was 1 mu, and the net income of grapes was more than 7000 yuan. Building school buildings
PICC construct school in Ji'an County. Help improve the backward situation of local education infrastructure and a spacious and bright environment has been created for the students and teachers.
Provide premium subsidy to local farmers' planting insurance, and provide emergency relief assistance to some temporary accidents.
PICC has developed special industries to help the poor in Tianhe town of Ji'an, helping local development of goat industry.