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Anti-Poverty Project in Liuba Shanxi
Liuba County is located in the southwest of Shaanxi Province, the northern part of Hanzhoung, 46.4 kilometers east-west and 67.2 kilometers north and south. County People's Government stationed Chengguan Town, 367 kilometers away from Xi'an, 85 kilometers away from Hanzhoung. The total area of the county is 1970 square kilometers, with a total population of 8 towns with a total population of 47 thousand, of which there are 38 thousand of the agricultural population.

PICC provides long-term special support for Liuba county. The poverty alleviation of the characteristic industry -- the breeding of the native chicken.

In 2014, PICC help the construction of lavender planting, ecological chicken industry construction and the construction of Chinese medicinal materials industry base in Liuba, Shaanxi. Using "cooperatives + base + poor farmers", the lavender planting base, ecological breeding base and Chinese medicine demonstration base were built respectively.

PICC help built the Jiangkou Town Central Primary School in Liuba.