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The Joint Action of Police and Insurance Company

Implementing the demands set by relating documents drawn up by the Traffic Management Bureau (TMB) subordinated to the Ministry of Public Security of PRC and its headquarters, PICC Property and Casualty Company Limited Shanghai Branch (hereinafter referred to as PICC Shanghai), being the exemplar among its state-owned counterparts, unceasingly enhances the extent of its participance in the society administration and its capacity of doing so, additionally strengthens the cooperation with TMB, by focusing on the citizens’ necessity and putting the expedition of their satisfaction and purpose as its starting point of work, PICC Shanghai and TMB shall jointly improve the handling efficiency and service level for road traffic accident claims. After obtaining the guidance of City Traffic Policy Department and the acknowledgement of the Insurance Association of China (IAC), PICC Shanghai has held this locally characteristic project of the Joint Action of Police and Insurance Company (JAPIC). Moreover, by advancingly trial and error, it will perfect this innovative mode of road traffic accident claims handling. By placing PICC JAPIC Service Advisors at arterial roads of city, spots of heavy traffic flow, popular points in festivals, this project mainly focuses on the problems of accidents that occur in heavy traffic jams roads. Once informed of road traffic accidents, these patrolling service advisors, usually on their electric bicycles, upon immediately receiving the orders as well as assistance from the district police officers, will head for the accident spot the soonest possible to evacuate the citizens, then handle the accidents, thus to keep a clear road.

Air Rescue Services Provided by Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co., Ltd.

In November 11th, 2016, PICC Shanghai established a strategic cooperation with Shanghai Kingwing General Aviation Co., Ltd., followed by the opening of 120 Air Emergency Medical and Rescue Services for its own clients, making PICC the first and meanwhile a role model among all of domestic property and casualty insurance companies which can afford air rescue services. Through long term cooperation with this strategic business partner, PICC has excelled at protecting its clients’ lives in casualty cases by successful accomplishment of many air rescues.

Mediate Casualty Disputes by Online Video

Joint Mediation Centre for Casualty and Indemnity is a one-stop claims service center co-founded by PICC Shanghai, People’s Court and Bureau of Justice of Yangpu District, Shanghai. By collecting several steps of claim documents submission, mediation, judicial confirmation, trial and case closing into one stop, this center can better expedite claims and realize its service goal “ to make claim as easy as ABC and spare clients their feet”. Those successfully mediated claims will be indemnified as quickly as possible, especially for claims the settlement amount of which falls below RMB 100,000.00, being expected to receive the indemnity within 20 minutes, clients can enjoy a perfect service under which no sooner are they going to leave the center than the money gets to their pocket. Besides, to make long distance nil obstacle to casualty disputes mediation, the center also creatively developed online mediation mode, which can cooperate with the traditional offline mode flexibly to better suit clients’ convenience.