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New Mega Eyes—A Long-Range Evidence Collection System

With rapid development of internet technology and the advantages of which the insurance market vigorously takes, the mode of insurance claims handling is more quickly able to become adapted to the internet era. The peculiarities of Shanghai’s traffic environment forces her traffic police to handle small traffic claims punctually and further improve the efficiency of loss adjustment done to damaged vehicles which will be sent to garages after accidents. To promote the application of New Mega Eyes among our contracted garages, these efficacies as follows can be realized:

· the background loss adjuster can real-timely obtain the photocopies about relating profiles and on-the-spot videos of damaged vehicles;
· by communicating with each other in a real-time basis, the background loss adjuster and the evidence collector at the accident scene can work together to accomplish long-range damaged vehicles’ loss adjustment, as well as case review within PICC’s motor claims handling system, in a timely manner;
· the background administrator can also, through this system, carry out risk control for the loss adjustment and its review for the damaged vehicles.

Technological Insurance Claims Handling

The generalized notion of technological insurance claims handling is a set of scientific, utilitarian and new ideas or methods used for loss adjustment, rather than simply limited to a certain diagnostic tool for vehicles. Facing a vehicle reparation industry in which that rapidly developing science and technology gain an upper hand, undoubtedly, the insurance claims handling shall be equipped with parallel facilities. Under the circumstances of the widely application of swiftly ever-changing high technology to the vehicle industry, the traditional method - by visual and aural measurement - of loss adjustment can no longer meet the requirements of current insurance claims handling. Nowadays, we are welcoming claims handling skills and gadgets of more scientific, more efficient and more accurate kind:
· Infrared Thermometer;
· Digital Industrial Endoscope;
· Disassembly-free Scale for Engines;
· X-431 V (a new diagnostic tool used in cars developed by Launch tech.).
Besides, not only have those newly applied high-techs mentioned above become innovative and reliable assistant of insurance claims handlers in new era, but also a trump card at their hands in discerning false claims from the genuine ones, thus to keep insurance fraud at bay.