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Liability Insurance
1.Patent Liability Insurance

China International Import fair attaches great importance to the protection of intellectual property rights, and regards it as an important measure to create world-class exhibitions.
PICC is the only strategic partner of the China Intellectual Property Office. PICC has led the development of domestic patent insurance and established the world's leading patent insurance product system. The insurance covers the world and provides comprehensive financial services to help enterprises to achieve patent pledge financing.
PICC has developed a "E-IP" e-commerce platform for the China Intellectual Property Office to serve the national innovation-driven development strategy and the strategy of intellectual property power. It provides a platform for the technology enterprises to provide patent insurance specific product introduction and reservation service.
Brief Introduction
Patent Enforcement Insurance
(the 7th China Insurance Innovation Award "Best Liability Insurance Product")
Insurance liability: To guarantee the cost of investigation and legal expenses arising from the legal request made by the insured against the infringed patent right.
Infringement of Patent Liability Insurance
(the 8th China Insurance Innovation Award "The Most Innovative Insurance Product")
Insurance liability: To guarantee the insured's unintentional implementation of the third party's patent rights, the economic liability for compensation according to law, the legal cost and the reasonable cost of defending the application of patent invalidation.
Legal Cost Insurance for Patent Disputes in Foreign Exhibitions
Insurance liability: To guarantee the insured been sent a warning letter for the infringement of its patent right by third parties abroad, or been reported to the customs, the patent administrative department or the judicial department to take coercive measures by third parties abroad, including but not limited to the confiscation of exhibits, the issuance of temporary injunctions, and the filing of patent infringement lawsuits, and the insured shall rectify the infringement of the above patent.
Overseas Liability Insurance of Intellectual Property Rights
Insurance liability:To guarantee the inadvertent infringement of the third party's intellectual property rights by the insured.It covers the compensable party, the liability for economic compensation, the cost of counterplea and the cost of the withdrawal of the product.

2.Product Liability Insurance

Why PL?
To Meet Buyers and Importers’Demand
Buyers especially those importers’often ask suppliers to obtain and maintan at their expense at PL policy.
To Adapt Strict Legal Environment
In European,Australia and North American countries, although your design, techniques or instruction are perfect,you are still exposed to claims.You carry out all obligations; however to prove it needs so much time and efforts.
Also,To Reduce Loss to the Utmost Extent,To Promote Your Brand Favorite and To Improve Your Risk Management.
Insurance Plan
Scrop of Cover
The Company will indemnify the Insured in the manner and within the limit of liability specified in the Schedule against such sums as the Insured shall become legally liable to pay in respect of claims made against the Insured arising from bodily injury to illness or death of or loss of or damage to property of one or more persons using,consuming or handing the Insured products or goods,or of any other persons consequent upon an occurrence taking place in the territory of coverage within the period of insurance caused by products or goods manufactures or sold by the Insured stated in the Schedule.
The Insured
Manufactures,Distributors,Vendors,Exporters and Importers, to name a few of them.
The Insured Products
Different kind of products,while electrical and electronic machinery,toys, instruments, household furniture and some industrial products are always required to be insured when exported.

3.International Freight Transport Agent Liability Insurance& International Freight Transport Bill of Lading Liability Insurance

There are various risks in the transportation of international goods. The risk comes not only from transportation itself, but also from the many aspects of transportation. At present, Over 80% of China's import and export trade cargo transportation and international air cargo transportation business are completed through freight forwarding agency.
The international freight forwarding Association, in 2008, cooperated with PICC, developed international freight transport agent liability insurance and international freight transport bill of lading liability insurance to meet the risk management requirements of different types of freight forwarders.
International Freight Forwarder (Bill of Lading) Liability Insurance
(the 4th China Insurance Innovation Award "The Most Innovative Insurance Product")
Insurance liability:To guarantee the cargo agent's neglect or fault leads to the direct loss of the principal or the third party, which should be borne by the insured in accordance to the law. In addition, the international freight forwarder's bill of lading liability insurance also undertakes to cover the documents of the international freight forwarders' bills of lading, waybills and air freight transport documents in the business authorities for the record of the insured and their agents engaged in the operation of the cargo transport agency.