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Wan Chuang Bao Combined insurance
What is Wan Chuang Bao Combined Insurance?
The combined insurance product specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises in the five major industries, including accommodation industry, retail industry, wholesale industry, catering industry and business service industry. The product provides general protection, which covering enterprise property risk , accident and health risk of employers and their families and employees, as well as, transfer the various legal liability risk of employers and enterprises.
Main Insurance Coverage
Comprehensive property insurance: compensation for losses caused by natural disasters or accidents, such as fire, explosion, lightning strike, heavy rain, flood, storm, tornado, hailstorm, hurricane, blizzard, landslide, landslide, debris flow, sudden subsidence of the ground and falling of flying objects.
Theft and robbery insurance: compensation for property losses caused by theft or robbery.
Cash insurance: the compensation for the loss of cash or other securities due to natural disasters or accidents such as fire, explosion, flood, theft, robbery, etc.